Terms & Conditions


Always Sparkly Websites (“AWS“) offers various services in three main fields:

1) Web Design

2) Web Development

3) Online Marketing

4) Business Consulting

You can request additional services, although we cannot guarantee we will accept them. In that case, we will either offer equivalent service of our own or refer to a business partner we trust.

We do not charge you for the first consultation about our service, but we will request a payment for consultation regarding specific activities (e.g. marketing campaigns, blog posts, etc) in order to provide you with answers because those are our services. Please keep on mind that, as we are happy to help you out, we still have to pay our bills.

Payment Policy

In order to get a whole website either moved to your hosting or connected to your domain, you are requested to pay the full price of the services. Prices are based in USD and can be paid through Payoneer Paying System (which supports Credit/Debit Card, eCheck or Local Bank Transfer) or through Paypal. 

You will be informed about the final price before the work is set and you have rights to deny it or accept it. A due date will be determined depending of the service(s) you request, along with a 5-day window for the payment.

In terms of paying a monthly fee, you have 5 days window each month to make the payment. In case you don’t make the payment and we don’t hear from you we keep the rights to shut down your website.

At this moment, recurring payments for monthly fees through PayPal are upon request. We are working hard on making this feature available to you in the future.

Included in the cost

Each package has a full specification of the services included in the price. Any additional request is paid separately. The price of additional requests depends on the services you are requesting and it will be delivered in a project proposal before the initial work. You have the rights to accept the proposal or reject it.

Custom design & development are project-based services for which the price will be determined after the project overview. 

Always Sparkly Website Cancellation Policy

While we have never intended to cancel a service(s), if AWS must cancel or change service(s) for any reason whatsoever, you’re entitled to transfer your full payment to another service or request a refund. 

Canceling monthly payment is free if we don’t host your website. In case we do host your website, you can pay for the hosting service separately – either per month ($7) or per year ($70, two months free are included in the price).

Illegal activity

All clients are expected to abide by the laws. If a client at any point performs any illegal activity, AWS will take needed steps to protect its interests. 

By continuing to use our website and/or services you agree to all policies above.

Always Sparkly Websites is a sub-brand of the Doll Up Your Brand.

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