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Your website is just the tip of the iceberg, though the most important tip! From there you can do much more to get to your ideal clients and ensure they choose your cleaning services over your competition. Each package has a brief description so you can better understand why you need it and what you should expect from it.

On-Page SEO | Local Optimization | Blog Content Writing | Instagram Organic Growth

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of activities done to ensure your business is not only visible on Google, but it ranks among the first results for the most relevant searches. Being first on Google is everyone dream, and it is not the secret that it is one of the hardest reachable goals these days if it is not done correctly.

What should I know about SEO services?
Anyone promising you the first place in a short period is here to take your money the fastest they can. You cannot get ranked in a day or even a month. It takes time and strategy. The good thing is – once you are there, you are going to be there for a long time and have one of the best lead attracting channel.

Which SEO services should I consider?
In SEO, everything starts with the basic On-Page optimization to ensure your website uses for the most relevant keywords for your business. In addition to that, you will have to ensure you add fresh and valuable content (often through a blog) as it will help Google understand how useful your website is for your visitors. The next thing you should take into consideration are Off-Page activities (also known as Linkbuilding), Social Media Marketing, and Paid campaigns. Which one you should do, and when, depends on your budget and your strategy.

On-Page Optimization

One-time Fee


Technical On-Page analysis of your website with in-depth overview and technical support

Keyword research with a full report of the most promising keywords

Keyword optimized Meta title and description for up to 20 pages (writing included)

Keyword optimized Image Titles and ALTs for up to 20 pages (writing included)

Website Speed Improvements (only available for WordPress websites)

One SEO Consultation during which we will discuss recommended further activities

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Local Optimization

What is Local SEO?
Local optimization is the optimization for the local searches, such as “cleaning business near me” or “cleaning business Huston“. The main goal of local optimization is to narrow the audience you are visible to by targeting only location-specific searches.

Local optimization is the best option for Cleaning businesses as they depend on the area they are serving. Broad keyword optimization may lead to being visible to people out of your serving area.

Local On-Page Optimization

One-time Fee


Everything from On-Page Package just optimized for the most promissing local keywords.

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Not sure which services you should choose?

Don’t worry, I have several years of experience in digital marketing which you can only benefit from. I will help you decided which services you need while considering your available budget and which one you can simply put on hold.

Content Writing

Why should you invest in your blog?
Did you know that a blog can help you close more deals?

By showing your expertise and helping people understand how their everyday life can benefit from hiring a maid, you can influence your potential leads to call you more often. Just ask yourself – how many times you read some great articles and decided to get services a writer offers.

For example, during spring cleaning season, you can write why spring cleaning is essential and what they should know about it. Or why it is important to ensure you have a proper move-in cleanup before moving in, etc. All of that will help your readers understand how important is to hire professionals to ensure their home is a clean and healthy place for living.

What if I don’t have a blog on my website?
Today is the perfect moment to start it and have great benefits from it. Just check out Clean Mama blog as an inspiration.

Besides, I will be happy to help you set a blog on your website, completely FREE of charge!

Blog Content Writing

Monthly Fee


Monthly Topic Plan based on the in-depth keyword research, with a focus onΒ long-tail keywords and niche trending topics

4 Blog Posts fully optimized for long-tail, niche related keywords, each between 1000-1500 words

Necessary Blog Post Visuals for each post (including photos from your database or from image stocks)

Social Media announcements for each blog post (for two main social media channels)

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Instagram Organic Growth

What does organic growth mean?
Organic growth means nothing else but connecting with real people who could be your potential clients. On top of just following, you will be engaging with them to build a relationship and trust in your cleaning expertise.

Can you grow my account quickly with Organic growth?
Quick growth doesn’t often mean a quality growth. Most companies offer a rapid growth by promoting your account to bots and fake accounts, which can only harm your business. Don’t forget you need real followers, not bots (they usually don’t have a home or office to clean).

Will you provide me with the images?
Yes, your visual presentation will be my job too! I am here not only to ensure you are connecting with the right people but also that you are presenting your company in the best way.

Instagram Organic Growth

Monthly Fee


Daily Account Growth and engagement with the followers (including photo liking and commenting)

Weekly Post Plan including 4 Instagram posts and up to 3 daily stories

Weekly Performance Analysis and additional strategy adjusting to best performance

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